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Why is my house so hot?


Why is my house so hot?

The temperature in your house has a large role on the comfort you feel when inside. But getting the temperature just right can be difficult. It can be hard to identify where the heat is coming from and why it is able to permeate through your home. Many people will jump to cooling their home to deal with the heat, but the most effective way to cool your house is to stop the heat from entering in the first place. To help you keep cool during the summer, we have made a list of the most common things that let heat into your house as well as possible solutions to these problems.



Your windows are another area where heat can easily enter your home. The principle is similar to how heat seeps through your garage door. Exposure to sun heats up the window which then heats up your house. Windows also, by their nature, allow sunlight into the house which further increases the temperature. There are a few solutions to the heat produced by your windows. One option is double glazing. This is an expensive option but is effective. Another option is shading your windows. External and internal options are available for window coverings. External coverings stop the heat from getting to the windows and are generally more effective for cooling your home but should be combined with internal curtains or blinds for the best results. Having both double glazing and proper shading will provide the best results and can dramatically lower the temperature in your house. It is important to remember that not all of your windows will need to be protected form the heat. As Australia is in the southern hemisphere, any south facing windows won’t be hit by direct sunlight, whereas windows that are north, east, or west facing will be hit at different times of the day.


Internal Heat

Another key factor in the temperature of your home is how you deal with the heat that makes it inside or is generated inside. Opening windows to ventilate your house can help to control the temperature. Heat rises, so opening windows that are lower down, for example on the first floor of a two-story house will allow cooler air in, and opening windows that are higher up, for example on the second floor will allow warmer air out. Some electronics can generate heat inside your house. For example, TV’s, computers, and games consoles can increase the ambient temperature in the rooms they are in. Dealing with this heat can be difficult but proper ventilation will deal with most of the issue, and obviously turning off any off these devices will cool them off and stop them from generating more heat. If you live in a older house you may still be using incandescent lightbulbs. These generate a lot of heat. Around 90% of the energy they generate is heat, with only 10% being light. Switching to more modern bulbs will reduce the heat by a small amount.


Garage Door

One of the most commonly overlooked causes of heat in the home is the garage door. If your garage is connected to your house, then it can increase the ambient temperature by a few degrees on its own. Have you ever touched your garage door on a hot day, or walked past it on the way to your car and felt the heat radiating off it? That heat can increase the temperature throughout your entire house. Installing insulation on your garage door is cheap and easy and can instantly lower the temperature in the garage by 12 to 15 degrees. You will need to know what kind of garage door you have first. Then its as easy as getting a quote and picking a solution that works for you. The effectiveness of this solution depends on how hot your garage and door get. If your garage is regularly hit with direct sunlight, then this is an excellent way to drastically reduce the heat in your home.

Being relaxed in your own home is important, and the temperature inside plays a large role in your comfort. By reducing the amount of ambient heat that enters your house you passively cool your home, meaning you won’t need to run the air conditioning as much as you would otherwise, helping you save money on electricity. Installing double glazing and/or shading your windows, dealing with internal heat, and insulating your garage door are some of the ways that you can lower the temperature in your home.

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