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Why is my house so cold?

You wonder “Why is my house so cold?” Even though you have turned the heater on and applied several blankets, there seems to be no significant improvement. Home’s that are not properly insulated or Single-Glazed Windows tend to bring a drastic freeze that may impact your home’s temperature during the harsh winter. Preparing your home during the winter period is a simple task all households must come face-to-face with. Here are easy steps to fix the chilly temperature surrounding your beloved home.


Windows are the biggest contributor to heat-loss. If your home especially has older or Single-Glazed windows. This can easily allow cold draughts to enter your home. Single-Glazed windows tend to have cracks, hidden seals and poor insulation which are considered the main issues of cold air entering your home. To fix this problem, you can upgrade your windows to Double-Glazing. This will help reduce heat loss and condensation issues within the winter months. You could also apply weather strips to any hidden leaks surrounding the window. This will seal gaps between the inside and outside of your windows. Ensure your insulation and window strips are installed correctly to your home as this will make a huge difference to your home!

Faulty Furnace

If your home is constantly cold, you may want to consider looking if you have a faulty furnace. A furnace is by far the most common type of home heating systems. Houses contain a furnace with a blower fan that delivers heated, and conditioned air to the house’s various rooms through a network of ducts. Inspect each of the vent’s surrounding your home and remove any furnishing if it covers a vent. The passage of heat could also be blocked by any ongoing gunk or dust affiliated inside the vents. Which leaves the room to always be cold. Clogged air filters can also contribute to poor air quality in your home while decreasing its effectiveness as well as increasing your energy bill. This could easily be solved by making sure to shut off your heating system. Next step is to unscrew the duct covers from your walls to clean out the grates thoroughly and grab a vacuum hose and removing any dust from surrounding the air ducts. It is important to maintain the consistency of your air flow within your household.


Insulation is used to keep the heat in and cold out of your beloved home. This can be applied to your garage door, ceiling, floor and walls of your home. However, you may not have any insulation in your home at all! This can be the main concern and focus of your home temperature, which is why another layer of insulation within your home is exactly what you’re missing to stay warm during the winter period. Applying insulation can allow thermal comfort to your home. Ultimately, the Garage Door is the biggest opening in your home and provides a much-needed protection from severe weather. An insulation system applied to your garage door can drastically reduce your energy costs. However, if you feel there is no insulation in your garage door! Insulation kits are available for metal garage doors or foam insulation can be applied to your individual sections or panels. To keep the heat intact in your home, the garage door must be air-tight which a special seal-strip can be applied to the garage door’s edging that comes with a variety of widths and sizes suited best to your garage door. If you’re planning to convert your garage into a living space. It is highly recommended you install the proper insulation stored in your garage door which can drastically prevent unwanted airflow, heat escape and drafts into your living quarters.

As you begin the process of preparing your home for Winter, it’s time to consider installing insulation to your garage door or walls, replacing your single-glazed windows with double-glazed windows or even cleaning out your air-vent surrounded in your home. These tricks will help reduce the drilling drought associated within your home. 

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