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Insulation Garage Door supply and install insulation across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Our team of insulation experts can install insulation on doors, walls and ceiling as well as licensed to operate scissor lift or forklift if required for larger jobs. Installers have Height Safety Certification.

We specialise in retrofitting insulation into your existing sheds.

The heat that radiates off the tin roof and walls has a huge affect on the temperature inside the shed.

Putting insulation in your shed, garage, workshop, or warehouse will protect cars, farm equipment, tools, and other valuables that are stored inside from getting too hot. Extreme heat and cold can damage paint, fuel, chemicals, and other valuables that are stored in sheds. A well-insulated shed will moderate temperature and increase comfort.

The product will not sag with the silver side facing the interior of the garage, leaving the shed with a great looking finish that will brighten your workspace.

Before and after photos will be provided at the end of the job.

Shed Insulation In Fire-Prone Areas

If you ate in a bushfire-prone area, your shed must be insulated with materials that comply with Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) requirements. Talk to your local council or shire for more information on keeping your shed safe.

Shed Ceiling Insulation

Shed Insulation is essential for the ceiling. Most heat is absorbed by the metal roof and is then radiated internally increasing the temperature. Installing shed insulation to the shed roof will slow the transfer of heat by reflecting the radiant heat away, reflects up to 97% of radiant heat acting as a radiant barrier which can reduce the temperature in the shed by up to 15 degrees

Shed Door Insulation

Shed doors are often overlooked for insulation. Using shed door insulation will reduce the radiant heat keeping the shed at optimum temperature levels.

Shed Insulation For Wall

Like shed ceilings the wall is a large area that is capable of raising temperatures in your shed. Shed wall insulation will improve the comfort by reducing the transfer of heat by radiation, conduction and convection. Panel insulation will not sag allowing for the wall to be internally cladded.

What Is The Best Shed Insulation?

Shed insulation is a 25mm thick rigid panel of SL-grade EPS laminated with aluminium foil on both sides. Both sides work as radiant barriers, that is it reflects away heat. The Expanded Polystyrene core reduces the transfer by conduction forming a tight seal reducing heat transfer by convection, which is the moving of air between the inside and outside of the shed.

Produced using rigid reflective foil laminate technology, it uses a radiant barrier to reflect heat away, while still creating an insulating core when installed. The shed would be protected from heat infiltration in various ways.

Professionally fitted insulation will change the temperature between 12-15 degrees instantly. Insulating your shed or workshop will:
There is no:

Pure aluminium is directly laminated to both sides of the insulation panels are 100% recyclable creating a non-permeable barrier, thermal break, and superior insulant. Our panels are BAL approved and fire retardant (FR).

Our product comes with a Manufacturer’s Guarantee providing 25-year performance warranty.

Cheapest Way To Insulate Shed

Are you looking to cool your shed in the summer and keep it warm in the winter?

Man-cave or she-shed, studio or workshop, sheds are a big part of our lifestyle. In summertime when the temperature heats up, they can also be damaging to the contents of the shed. Luckily, insulation can keep your shed ready to use all year round

Reflective foil insulation is the most affordable material. It protects from heat, cold, dust and moisture, as well as noise reduction.

Insulate your shed, garage, or warehouse using BAL approved insulation for domestic or business including shed, garage, warehouse, showroom, workshop and more.

How much will it cost to insulate a shed?

Shed Insulation ranges between $40-$50/m2. Work out how many square metres are required by multiplying the length x width x height and take out any areas that are not to be insulated. E.g. windows. It is the same process for the roof. Do not insulate under skylights.

To find out more about the benefits of insulating your shed, garage, workshop, or warehouse, contact of our Sheds Specialist on 03 9020 9792 today!

Reduce Heat In Shed

Shed insulation provides a controlled environment reducing changes in temperature, lowering the chance of damage through seasonal cycles.

Insulating a workshop or warehouse will protect vehicles, tools, and equipment stored inside to ensure that everything works as expected when you need to use it.

If your shed is too hot or too cold, then consider insulating it with Insulation Garage Door. We service all of Victoria with the highest quality insulation for sheds, garages, workshops, warehouses, and more. Whether it is a new shed or an old workshop, we can fit and install insulation to your space.

Our products are BAL approved so you can be assured of fire and health safety. We provide a fully supplied, fitted and installed deal across Melbourne and regional Victorian areas.

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