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Why is my garage so cold? Insulation Garage Door Melbourne

How can I keep my garage area cool/warm?

Why is my garage so cold? Insulation Garage Door Melbourne

As many of you are aware, with COVID-19 passed by most of the Aussie families used up their garage space to make use of it. It was either to turn it into a gym, extra living area or your office for your newly online business or it could be just for your normal use to leave your car in or store your goods. However, it was with winter or summer approaching most Aussies wondered how they could keep their garage either cool during summer or warm during winter.


Here are a few steps on how you could keep your garage either cool or warm.


Insulation can prevent your heat in your garage from disappearing, for instance you have your heater on 24/7 at your house but somehow it is still cold, that is because the garage is so cold if you place your hand on the garage wall it is so cold, so with this case the heat goes into the garage and disappears. To prevent this from happening and keeping your garage warm, you can put insulation to your garage door, and this will keep your garage warm during the winter season, and if you didn’t know it will also keep it cool during summertime.

Install Insulated Curtains

If you have windows in your garage, that will also prevent your garage from staying warm. What you can do is install insulated curtains to your windows, this help by keeping your garage also warm during winter and cool during summer.

Electric Space Heater/Cooler

You can use a portable electric heater in your garage, it will heat up your garage immediately. This is a very easy way to heating your garage up without any difficulties because when using heaters, they come in sizes that you want, you can move them around comfortably. However, this does not mean that it will warm up all your garage area, just the part you have the heater in. Vice versa, you can use electrical air conditions to cool up your garage but as mentioned it will not cool up all your garage area but only some parts.

The best option would be is that you go with the garage door insulation. This is a one-time insulation that will keep your garage area cool and warm all year round. You will enjoy your garage space anytime you want without worrying about how cold or hot it is. While having insulation on your garage door that will mean that your electricity bill will come much cheaper than your previous month as well, I mean who does not want to pay less electricity.